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Gentle Night-Weaning LIVE

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Honestly, night-weaning is something I never thought I’d do.

If you’ve followed along on my motherhood journey you know how much I cherish bed-sharing and breastfeeding and that the choice to do both through the night has afforded us relatively good sleep in our first year. But seasons are changing and so is our rhythm. We are still doing both for the foreseeable future - just no longer at the same time.  I, like so many mothers before me, anticipated this transition in fear it would disrupt our flow, but I’m completely in awe of how clearly she understands what we are doing and the deepening of our bond as a result. It’s been a profound milestone and opportunity for growth for me.

People love to tell you that if you start a certain habit (i.e. feeding to sleep, co-sleeping)  it’s impossible to break out of it later but I’m here to tell you that’s not always true! Needs change, and it’s okay to rely on what works at that particular time. It won’t be forever! I am grateful for every single night feed that has carried us through.

There were many factors I took into consideration to decide it was the right time for us. It was with the loving guidance of mamas I admire that I felt the support and strength to night-wean. I hope this talk does the same for you if and when you are ready.


  • Is this a sleep-training course?

    No, this is a recording of a live Q+A in which I shared my personal experience (the why, when, and how) gently night-weaning my 16-month-old, and answered questions from live attendees. It is a resource to guide you, rather than a step-by-step instruction.

  • Will my baby sleep through the night after night-weaning?

    Be prepared for continued wakings, perhaps more at first and less over time. In the recording, I share alternative methods for soothing back to sleep, tips to help baby get more nighttime sleep and most importantly, resources to support your nervous system.

  • At what age can I start night-weaning?

    Every baby is unique. You know your baby best. In the recording, I discuss readiness signs to watch for. I personally would not recommend night-weaning before 12 months. However, there are some tools in here you may still benefit from with a baby under one year.

  • Can I still bed-share after night-weaning?

    Absolutely! That's what I do. The snuggles will be so sweet for you both.


“Thank you for sharing your story. It has been a scary thought for me. Feeling less scared. Great tips!”

Jenny P.

“As someone who has never considered night-weaning, I am so glad I tuned into this webinar. I learned so much and it confirmed a lot of what I already knew intuitively as well! I have a 13-month-old who wakes and nurses often throughout the night, and almost always has a “false start.” I gained great insight and information - particularly regarding nutrition, preparation, and the AWARE method - that I will keep in my back pocket for if and when the time is right!”

Alyssa W.

“Thank you for sharing this. So helpful, and great to hear that difference between crying it out and being held while crying. That makes a lot of sense.”


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